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Homework Help: Why does [1H2O->1(H) + 1(OH)], yet [10^(-14)M=10^(-7)M+10^(-7)M]?

  1. Oct 7, 2012 #1
    Say I have 10(H2O) that ionizes into H and OH. The reaction would be

    10(H2O)→10(H) +10(OH)

    Because if you have 10 of something, and then then split it into 2 pieces, you have 10 of each piece.

    If I have 1 piece of paper and I tear it into 2 pieces, I have 1 piece in my right hand and 1 piece in my left hand. It makes sense.

    The reactions is
    1 full paper → 1 torn piece + 1 torn piece.

    So just like 1 torn piece of paper + 1 torn piece of paper ≠ 2 full pieces of paper,

    10(H)+10(OH) ≠ 20(H2O).

    But how the the heck is this following equation true:

    [itex]10^{-14}M(H2O) = 10^{-7}M(H^{+})+10^{-7}M(OH^{-})[/itex]

    Why is it not:

    [itex]10^{-7}M(H2O) = 10^{-7}M(H^{+})+10^{-7}M(OH^{-})[/itex]?
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    I wonder if this question makes any sense or not?

    If I have 10 blue marbles and drop them into a Liter of water, the concentration will be 10 blue marbles/1L

    If I have 10 red marbles and drop them into a liter of water, the concentration will be 10 red marbles/1L

    With 10 blue marbles + 10 red marbles dropped into a Liter of water, I will obviously have 20 seperate marbles/1L

    But if each red and blue marble fused into a purple marble, I'd end up with 10 purple marbles/1L.

    What I'm saying is, the concentration of marbles/Liters stays the same. There is no reason to do any addition if the marbles are fusing into purple marbles.

    So why is there addition when speaking on this reaction:

    [itex]10^{-14}M(H2O) = 10^{-7}M(H^{+})+10^{-7}M(OH^{-})[/itex]

    How is concentration so different than quantity, that in one instance 1A+1B→1(AB), yet for another instance, 1M(A)+1M(B) → 2M(AB)
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    Please don't start separate threads when the problem is already discussed elsewhere.

    You started with an incorrect premise. No idea where you got it from. Correct equation is

    [tex]K_w = [H^+][OH^-] = 10^{-14}[/tex]


    Topic locked.
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