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Why does gravity need gravitons?

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    Why does gravity need gravitons? Gravity is the curvature in spacetime and it is itself required to create a gravitational field. Does it mean that a body creates gravitons around the spacetime which is curved? Or does it mean that the spacetime is made up of gravitons?
    If gravitons do really exist, then how do they influence photons and cause them to bend? Does gravitational force needs to have a particle because other forces too have a particle?
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    Great questions. Just to save all of us some time, always make sure to look through the previous posts in the forum, and even try using the "Search" option. Many times you will find that the question you ask has already been answered by others.

    I think you'll find your question answered in "What causes gravity?"


    If after reading this discussion thread you still have other questions, then you might want to ask a new question then.

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