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Why does phosphodiester bond have diester as part of it's name?

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    Why does "phosphodiester bond" have "diester" as part of it's name?

    Why does "phosphodiester bond" have "diester" as part of it's name?

    I don't see two esters. I must be overlooking something. Maybe it's because the two riboses can dissociate into ester form? Thanks.
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    Probably because it contains two C-O-P bonds (a normal ester is a C-O-C bond [where one of the carbons is a carbonyl], so a singel phosphoester would be a C-O-P bond [in which the phosphorus atom is a phosphate]).
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    I thought that was an ether.
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    I'm still not seeing it. I see riboses and phosphate groups.
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    To quopte wikipedia:

    (bolding mine)
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