Why does phosphodiester bond have diester as part of it's name?

  1. Why does "phosphodiester bond" have "diester" as part of it's name?

    Why does "phosphodiester bond" have "diester" as part of it's name?

    I don't see two esters. I must be overlooking something. Maybe it's because the two riboses can dissociate into ester form? Thanks.
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    A phosphodiester bond is a group of strong covalent bonds between a phosphate group and two 5-carbon ring carbohydrates (pentoses) over two ester bonds.
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    Probably because it contains two C-O-P bonds (a normal ester is a C-O-C bond [where one of the carbons is a carbonyl], so a singel phosphoester would be a C-O-P bond [in which the phosphorus atom is a phosphate]).
  5. I thought that was an ether.
  6. I'm still not seeing it. I see riboses and phosphate groups.
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    To quopte wikipedia:

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