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Why does the tropical sun feel hotter in the evening?

  1. Jun 5, 2015 #1
    Dear friends,

    I'm currently living at the equator. Here, homes that have primarily east facing windows are hotter than north or south facing houses, but still bearable. However, homes that are west facing are almost inhospitably hot unless some kind of air conditioning is used. As far as I know, differences in the suns heat throughout the day is largely caused by the angle of the sun to the surface of the earth. In that case, sunrise and sunset should have the same heat energy, unless there are some atmospheric differences at different times of day? As far as I know the colour of sunset is attributed to the increase of particles in the air, but shouldn't this make sunset cooler than sunrise?
    So any of you have any idea why this is the case in the tropics, I would love to know. I'm stumped.
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    It is usually hotter in the afternoon. If you are already hot then being heated by the sun feels hotter.
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