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Why does'nt SUN burst like a baloon and collapse?

  1. Aug 2, 2014 #1
    Dear friends ,I have the following doubt:
    We know our SUN is in a stage of equilibrium having an internal thermal pressure and opposing gravitational pressure.
    Why does'nt internal matter find ways through matter of sun and get released out to collapse the sun.
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    When the internal matter goes outwards it is not internal anymore and gravity acts on it too.
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    Can it not escape like volcanos on earth?
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    There are eruptions on the Sun much bigger than any volcano on Earth.
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    There are eruptions on the sun that are bigger than EARTH, not just bigger than eruptions on Earth.

    gianeshwar, the gravitational force of the sun is massive. That's how stars work.

    By the way, you did not have a "doubt", you had a "question". They are not the same:

    To have a doubt about something means you think it might be wrong. You are not ASKING anything at all, you are stating a fact; the fact that you think something might be wrong.

    To have a question means you do not understand something and would like information.

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    Thank you all friends,I am continuing to think and learn.......
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