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Why in fever or increased temperature body's platelets are reduced?

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    i have observed that during fever or increased body temperature , serum platelets are reduced.
    i have seen in patients of viral fever,dengue(its obvious) etc platelets are reduced but not to that extent that it can cause internal bleeding or haemorrhage or petechiae ?
    why is this so ?
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    Simon Bridge

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    You know about thrombocytopenia in general though right?
    It's not all fevers - it seems to be characteristic of viral fevers where the virus can infect the stromal cells.
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    Certain viral infections (i.e. arboviruses like Dengue) can result in pancytopenia.

    As to your question of why "platelets are reduced by not to that extent that it can cause internal bleeding or hemorrhage or petechiae"

    The first thing is to sort out definitions. Petechiae is a symptom caused by hemorrhage.

    If you average it out, internal bleeding is probably due as much to changes in intramural integrity as it is simply to thrombocytopenia but I'm not sure, I would have to think about it a little more. Clearly there is more to hemorrhage than platelet number. You could reason that platelet reduction to certain levels may be noticeable but not enough to cause petechiae (hemorrhage). In viral hemorrhagic fever (Ebola, etc.) internal bleeding is due to disseminated intravascular coagulation. In Dengue, there's probably a very similar mechanism at work in some patients with secondary or tertiary infection.
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