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Why is my eyebrow healthier than my head hair?

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    I noticed that my eye brow hair is substantially smoother,softer and healthier overall than my head hair? I know that part of the answer is that we touch and mess with head hair more but there must be another reason - at the molecular level.

    And is it possible to make my head hair as healthy?
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    The reason is physics.

    Possible, impractical.

    (Might want a bio' forum for more detail :biggrin:)
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    Many factors, the hair on your head is much older than the eyebrow hair. You probably comb your hear, put products in it, wash it with shampoo. The basic structures are different too, you should put it under the microscope and compare the thickness etc.
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    I think it's all that nurturing mite-poop.:biggrin:
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    Well people said the same thing ata other forums but I had already stated that.

    But that cant be the full answer because I see people with head hair as healthy as their eye brow hair.
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    Are you male? Testosterone tends to do that to hair (on head) as you grow older; for some worse than others due to heredity, as there is variance in how it interacts with the follicle for each person. Other things to do: exercise, eat healthy, sleep, don't stress.

    I don't think the eyebrow hair is that much younger than the head hair anyway.
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