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Why is there no atmosphere on moon

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    why is there no atmosphere on moon
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    Re: moon

    When compared to a planet like the earth the moons gravitational pull is very much weaker and if any atmospheric molecules form the tendency is for them to escape.Also there is very little geological or other activity to replenish any atmosphere.
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    Re: moon

    I can't recall where but I remember reading that because the moon's atmosphere is so ridiculously thin and negligible, the apollo missions significantly altered the composition of any atmosphere that already existed.
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    Re: moon

    If I remember correctly, the apollo suits vented gas to cool the astronauts in the absence of atmosphere.
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    Re: moon

    Additionally, lacking a magnetosphere, gaseous atoms are not protected from the solar wind blasting them into the solar system.
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    Re: moon

    What is solar wind?
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    Re: moon

    A stream of sub-atomic particles (mostly protons) from the sun that stream out through the solar system.
    On Earth the are mostly trapped by the magnetic field, some of them get through to the upper atmosphere at the north and south poles to give you the Norther Lights.
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