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Why isn't my Latex display as pretty on one computer as the other?

  1. Nov 27, 2011 #1
    On my newer computer, the Latex displays pretty decently. (Not as good as on the ipad though.) On my older computer, the Latex displays pretty crappily, rough around the edges and so forth. What determines the clarity of the Latex display? Is it the graphics card in the computer? or are there other ways I can adjust things to improve the quality of the image? (I'm using chrome, and windows XP)
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    You are using Chrome on both computers? I know FF/IE/Chrome each handle the fonts a bit differently. Some of it does have to do with the OS. Not sure if XP has the Smooth Font feature that Win 7 and I think Vista has.
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    Not sure about it but try using the best screen resolution.
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