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Why my questions keeps on getting notifications?

  1. Aug 12, 2014 #1
    why my questions keeps on getting notifications?
    actually i want you to answer my question's immediately,
    but you are asking some work, sorry i am busy, that's why i created account here & asking my doubt

    asking doubt & expecting answers is wrong in here?
    if it is wrong, then i will try another sites for answers
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    Each and every notice you have been given has explained why you were awarded it. It's not normally our policy to discuss things openly but just to make sure you understand: we don't do your homework for you here. If you want help you have to use the template that is automatically provided when you post in the homework forums. You have to show what work you have done so far. People will then help you but not give you the answer.

    Please read the forum rules to avoid further notices: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=414380
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    Yes, it is. As Ryan pointed out, it is against the forum rules.

    Why is that? Well how much do you really learn if you are just spoon-fed the answers to something instead of being shown how to GET the answer.

    This forum is about helping people learn how to find solutions. If you are too busy to learn, this is not a good forum for you, but if your really do want to learn, this is a great forum.

    By the way, you did not have "doubts", you had "questions". They are not the same. See:

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    I'm normally against the draconian rules of this forum and the way some mentors like to feel superior by acting in a way to resembles law enforcement in the USA. However, this is certainly not the case.

    "sorry i am busy" - Do you expect people to do your work for you? I bet this people are way busier than you, and still find the time to help.

    If you want someone to do the work for you, I suggest you make a post in your local craiglist and give them an incentive (money). I must warn you though, you'll eventually fail.
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    The only part of your post that I agree with.
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    You can require that if you pay others to work for you - but you don't do that here.
    You are asking others to spend their free time to help you.

    If you are too busy to do your own homework, then something went wrong.
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