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Why our time dimension is about to become space-like

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    It don’t get much weirder than this. The universe is about to lose its dimension of time says a group of theoretical astrobods at the University of Salamanca in Spain. And they got the evidence to prove it.


    This ain’t entirely bonkers and here’s why. Bars Mars has calculated what it’s like to be an observer in a universe that is about to flip and get this: it would look as if it were expanding and accelerating away from us. Sound familiar?

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    So... what would happen to us (if we are still around) when the signature changed?
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    And who says string theory can't predict anything? The corollary is that it will be the last theory ever proved. :smile:
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    I tried writing this down for future reference, but it unwrote itself.
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    Huh, that is weird. Just when you think you've heard everything!

    It is an interesting idea but unless there is someway to actually test and verify it is correct it is just a curious exercise :tongue2:
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    Is there anyonyone physisist who understand time or space as dimensions other than mathemathecal parameters? In mij opinion one can only get a sensible physical meaning of space-time if this is seen together with (its) energy-density. Time and space by themselves don't exist on their own, they are just mathematical parameters but can't be measured , can they?
    So IMO the question can't be a good physical question?
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    Good observation, Brad! The hypothesis is untestable by any means imaginable. Consequences would invert to casual factors whenever the arrow of time 'flipped', resulting in an even more confusing universe.
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