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A Why so big of a difference in cross section by different sources?

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    if you look up the cross section in Janis books, usually for same reaction, different cross sections are quoted by different laboratories.
    For example, the values of thermal neutron capture reaction 9Be(n, r)10Be:
    EAF-2010, 0.0075b
    ENDF/B-VII.1, 0.01b
    JEFF-3.1.2, 0.0088b
    JENDL-4.0, 0.0085b
    TENDL-2011, 8.17b
    Obviously, the first 4 sources quote very similar values, but the the last source TENDL-2011 quotes a so different value, it is almost 1000 times than previous 4 sources.
    How this happen? Which value should be trusted when design?

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    My guess TENDL-2011 is using different unit.
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    I checked the online version of Janis books, see http://www.oecd-nea.org/janisweb/book/neutrons/Be9/MT102/renderer/263 [Broken]. There TENDL-2011 has been replaced with TENDL-2015. The new experimental data is in agreement with the other experiments. So, probably the data "TENDL-2011" contained some error.
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    there were more than 1 cases where TENDL-2011 gave very weird results compared to others (even some numbers seemed to be buggy)... I am amazed that people actually recorded them....
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