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Why world looks chaos on atomic scale but it is uniform on higher scale?

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    Hey guys, I am thinking about world at small scale and world at larger scale. Why world is more chaos at smaller scale and why it is more smooth and uniform in larger scale?
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    What examples are you thinking of re: chaos at the atomic scale and uniformity at the macroscale?
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    Thinking about what we would see if we go on atomic scale. It's like particles popping into existence, electrons coming and going but on larger scale we see nothing going heavily like that.
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    Doesn't atomic scale looks chaos?
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    OK. Virtual particles are certainly not something we see in the macro world.

    Don't know what this means. Cars come and go on the highway.

    I think what you might want to consider is that, from the time we are sapient, we get used to the way the world works at the macro level. The atomic scale only looks weird because we're not familiar with it.

    If we were atomic-scale creatures, then radio-decay and Cherenkov radiation and virtual particles would be perfectly normal and we would be agape at what a single mass of 10^26 atoms could do with a canvas and a paintbrush. From that point of view, it's the macro world where all the really crazy things happen. Like life. And da Vinci.
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