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The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) is an annual Linux, open source and free software conference held in Los Angeles, California, since 2002. Despite having Linux in its name, SCALE covers all open source operating systems and software. It is a volunteer-run event.
The event features an expo floor with both commercial and non-profit exhibitors, as well as 4 days of seminars on the topic of Linux and Open Source software. Sessions and presentations cover a broad spectrum of topics and technical levels.
SCALE grew out of a series of LUGFests put on by the Simi Conejo Linux Users Group in the late 90s. There were four of them, held every 6 months at the Nortel development facility in Simi Valley, California. They ended when Nortel closed that facility in 2001. Subsequently, members from SCLUG, USCLUG and UCLALUG organized to create a more regional event, which they named the Southern California Linux Expo.
Companies, organizations and projects represented at SCALE include Linux-based projects such as Debian, Gentoo Linux, the Fedora Project, KDE and GNOME, other open-source operating systems including NetBSD and FreeBSD, software projects such as Django, open-source database systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, other open-source applications such as Drupal, Inkscape, MythTV and The Document Foundation, activist organizations such as Software Freedom Law Center and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, major technology companies such as IBM, HP and Sharp, web companies including Google, Facebook and eHarmony, and internet projects including OpenStreetMap.

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  1. jugren

    Scaling nuclear reactors

    Hi all, For my studies I chose a course on scaling up and down of industrial processes (mostly focussed on the chemical industry), but for our project we (a group of students who knew almost nothing about nuclear reactors) chose to look if the approach (dimensional analysis) can be applied to...
  2. M

    I Examples of emergence?

    For a school project, I've got to choose a subject. I chose "Emergence", but I have to narrow it down a little bit. So, that's why I'm creating this topic. The definition of emergence that I use: By emergence, I mean the fact that proprieties of one scale implies other proprieties by changing...
  3. F

    How does a simple balance scale work?

    Visualize a simple balance, a pan at either end of a beam which balances on a fulcrum. The way it works is that if each pan carries the same weight, it balances horizontally. If one pan carries slightly more weight, it tips slightly off horizontal. If one pan carries more weight yet, it tips...
  4. ATY

    Integral length of turbulence

    . ##\require{color} \color{white} \colorbox{crimson} {Mod Note: to see images in this post displayed correctly, click on Reply and view this in editor}## Hey guys, I need your help. It is about the integral length of turbulence flow. So we got data from some wind measurement, recorded at...
  5. doublee89

    A Normalization and Scaling with Matrices

    Hey everyone, I understand how to normalize a second order system, but I wanted to know if the same steps are taken when the parameters of the system are not scalar but matrices. For example where the parameter phi, and gamma are both 3x3 matrices and X is a 3x1 vector. From what I've see...
  6. Jonas Hall

    A Functional equation f(x)^n f(a - x) = 1

    Hi, In a problem I have been working on for a while now I have found that I want to find the function satisfying the functional relation f(x)n f(a - x) = 1 for n = 1 I believe I have proven that f(x) = x/(a - x). On this page is an answer I do not quite understand. One of the prerequisits...
  7. S

    Nano Fusion? Micro Fusion? Fusion Learning Source?

    When experimenting with fusion, why do we always go so big and make extremely expensive reactors that take years to create and even construct facilities for? I've seen some failed attempts at making fusion happen in carbon nanotubes, failing in the sense that the carbon nanotubes are just...
  8. gatita0225

    What is the magnitude of the aftershock

    Homework Statement An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 is 39 times as intense as an aftershock that occurs 5 hours later. What is the magnitude of the aftershock. Homework Equations m=log_10(i/i_0) The Attempt at a Solution I know that I what to find the magnitude m=log_10(39/i_0) I am...
  9. C

    How does a scale work?

    Hi and welcome to my curious posts :) If a scale measures force then i assume it's measuring mass*acceleration, so does that mean that the scale is actually measuring my mass (like a balance does ), and then multiplying it by a 9.8m/s^2? Or how exactly is it built/programmed to work?
  10. M

    Graph scale confusion

    Hello, I have to estimate some values from a plot (shown in the attachment). The trouble is I'm not sure how to read one of the scales could someone please explain the nature of the scale along the top frame, the angular scale, i.e how it is spaced. One of my aims is to estimate which angle...
  11. F

    Quantum Tunneling Composite

    Is it possible to build a fast, accurate scale using QTC? If so, could someone explain the basics or point me toward a good resource? Thanks!