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Is Quantum World weird because we can 'see' higher dimensions?

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    Let me try to explain. If I take a reel of movie film, I can unwrap it see different frames simultaneously. How ever if I were "trapped" in the movie I could only experience one frame at a time.

    Now this example is not a direct proposition I am making. It''s just to imagine a higher dimensional plane.

    My proposition is to ponder if quantum events exist on the very small scale because at those small scales we can interact/observe higher dimensions that actually exist. We can do so because we are outside of higher dimensions quantum scale matter exists within.

    Since we can't really understand the real physical properties of the higher dimension, to us its effects would be really odd. Just as it would for someone in a supposedly 2-D universe experiencing a third dimensional property.

    But at larger scales we are enveloped inside the matter's higher dimension so that it appears normal, but at smaller scales the higher dimensions are observable, but their effects appear abnormal.

    The conventional wisdom that the higher dimensions exist but these dimensions are extremely small. I'm going the opposite direction and suggesting that these higher dimensions may be very, very large.

    If this is the wrong forum I apologize ahead.
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    That's just an ad-hoc explanation of any weirdness we might encounter... I don't see what makes this explanation unique to QM, or preferable to any other ad-hoc explanation - for example "maybe we're inside the matrix" or "maybe God is toying with us" holds the same merit as an explanation for general weirdness in the universe - or am I missing something?

    Why not claim that we're seeing interaction with these dimensions on the very large scale, and it is negligible for small scale - and explain the Cosmological Constant?
    Maybe there are special extra dimensions we see only on small scales, and other extra dimensions we see only on large scales?
    Isn't that convenient? Can it predict anything new? Nope... Science ends here.
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