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Will chemistry classes go towards a physics degree?

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    I've taken general chemistry I and II, and i was planning on becoming a physics major. I just wanted to know if i wasted my time taking chemistry or if it will go toward a physics degree at most schools.

    I havnt taken any physics classes yet but should i wait until i finish calculus II and take the calculus based physics or start out with the algebra based classes?
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    I think its required to take general chemistry I and II for a physics major. I wonder this as well because I'm taking General chem. 1 and my major will be physics. BTW, you should take the algebra based physics classes first because they really train you to understand the concept of physics a lot. I took Intro. to physics I and II, thus; I gained a good grasp of physics. Its all about being patient and get your feet wet, or you can jump right into the pool.
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    I personally don't see a point in doing an algebra based course. The classes themselves are going to be pretty similar, so you'd just be doing the same stuff over and over. Calculus just allows you to make some more calculations than just algebra (like instantaneous rates of change). In fact in my physics courses (which I'm taking right now so I don't have post-knowledge) I think the calculus is the easiest part of the class.

    At my school we take Physics I and Calc 2 together. The integrals I see are pretty basic so theres not much problem.

    As for chemistry. I think most schools require at least a semester of chem if not both for physics majors. I know for myself (EE major) I took just Gen Chem I but the physics majors take both.
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    I am a physics major and chem I and II along with their labs were both required.

    Also, I'd take physics I along with calc I. No need to wait until until II is over. I think in my physics I class (calc based) I integrated maybe once. You really only need to understand what an integral and a derivative are.
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    I don't think my university requires any chemistry for a physics major. however, everyone needs to take like 3 courses in the natural science category, which chemistry falls under. the point is each college is different. Ask your counselor or look at the major in your schools catalog. It should tell you exactly what you need.
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    Depends on the school. Why are you asking us, instead of asking your advisor, or checking out the school website?

    Oh, and take calc-based physics. Algebra physics is a waste of your time.
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