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Will colleges [specifically MIT] see my achievements?

  1. Oct 12, 2014 #1
    ok, so i want to apply to mit. im a junior, my sat score is 800 for math, 740 reading, 690 writing, subject sats, bio 720, physics 800, and 800 on both maths. i havent taken any physics class(because of special cirriculam in my school) my gpa isnt very good, however, i ve taken really advanced math classes(diff eq 1, real analysis 1, vector geometry, linear algebra(credit by examination), will be taking more math in senior year as well, i have As on all of them except on 1 where i have a b)

    also, i am researching on thermodynamics topics, for which i may get rechognition(by this i mean i will be competing in science fair)(maybe not the first prize, but definately semifinalist or isef finalist) but this is in my senior year.

    i am currently a senior, for the past year ive been working like crazy for the physics olympiad, i will make the semi-finals for sure, but i think i might actually make the finals.

    but, all this (my research, and physics olympiad(if i make the finals)) will happen after i submit my application, however, they are very important credential, in my opinion. so, my question, is will mit(or other college) see that ive done these by any chance even though they happened after i submit my application.
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    Welcome to PF!

    I think you should contact MIT Undergrad admissions and ask them how you submit these things so that they will appear in your application. Also you should make a campus visit if you can to show your interest.

    Since you really want to go to physics you should try to talk with a prof in the physics department and talk about your interest, your grades and the advanced math courses you've taken. Your GPA will have to be framed in connection with your advanced math courses meaning the GPA doesn't reflect your ability but that you can do more advanced work as shown in your math skills.

    Does your schools physics or math teachers have some contacts with MIT? Do your guidance counsellors have contacts with MIT? Do they have contacts at your alternate schools (see backup plan below)?

    It would also be a good idea to read Zapperz's essay on becoming a physicist in the featured threads section of this site.

    Lastly, as a backup plan look at other schools as well like Harvard and Princeton or Columbia on theeast coast and UCLA or Stanford on the west coast and any major school in between. Look at lower tier colleges and universities and compile a list of 3 top tier, 3 midtier, 3 for sure schools.
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    I do believe that MIT accepts supplemental information after the application is submitted. However, for something like the physics olympiad, it may be too late.
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    The IPhO is in July, and admissions decisions are mailed in mid-March (in fact, enrollment decisions are May 1st or so). There is a February update, due mid-February.

    My advice to you is to work on actually achieving these achievements and not worry so much about other people's reactions to them. I'd also work on getting your grades up.
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