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Will Engineering ever be profitable again?

  1. Mar 17, 2009 #1
    Why do they say that there will be a shortage of engineers in the future?

    Doesn't make sense. I was talking to the dean of engineering at UT Austin and he told me to consider engineering because there will be "a major shortage of engineers in the US"..... welll I asked him about outsourcing, and he said it as inevitable but that colleges will teach American students to do the "less detailed work, higher level planning, design, etc...."

    Will the fact that many baby boomers retiring open up job markets, or will it just be an excuse for more companies to outsource?

    Don't you think that outsourcing will lessen in the forseeable future? Where will India fill their demand for engineers? outsource from SE Asia? Where will SE Asia fill their demands for engineers? outsource from the US? It seems like numbers are eventually going to HAVE to balance out, since each country will have a domestic demand high enough to pay them more than or equally as the US does.
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  3. Mar 18, 2009 #2
    Hasn't this question already been asked?

    and yes, with many baby boomers retiring, there will be a gap for the more technical jobs in the U.S.

    Engineering will always be profitable. Then again it also depends on what you mean by profitable.
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