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Will same event happen at a parrallel universe?

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    in an energy level of atom, electron can be found here or there by chance. I presume that the location electron can be observed with 100% accuracy.
    At time A, the electron is found at location X. if, lets say there is a parallel universe, where everything are the same, the energy, the time, the possition, the numbers of particles, the equipment of measurement, everything are the same. Would you find the electron at location X at time A?
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    There's no reason to think that there are "parallel universes", and no physics to describe them if they do exist, so the question as you've asked it has no answer.

    However.... If you're asking a different question, namely whether we'll always get the same result from a measurement of a system prepared in the same way (here, the "system" can be interpreted very broadly to include just about everything relevant to the outcome of the measurement) then the answer is "As far as quantum mechanics is concerned, no".

    All QM ever tells us is the probability of getting a particular measurement result from a system prepared in a particular way.
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    Since parallel universes are purely objects of imagination that would depend on exactly what you imagine it to be.

    If you mean the worlds of the many worlds interpretation - no it wouldn't - because each observation has a different world for each outcome.

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