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A Wooden vs iron sword causing bone fracture

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    I'm trying to talk science to anthropologists and hope an academic physicist will let me quote him. Here is the data and my purpose is to prove that wood can't slice a skull the way a sword does . good grief .....
    " On this basis, the boomerang is the most probable candidate for the main trauma. , ..Of the weapons tested, the frontal wound observed in Kaakutja most closely resembles that produced by an African ‘Samburu’ sword".
    https://www.researchgate.net/publication/308184804_The_death_of_Kaakutja_A_case_of_peri-mortem_weapon_trauma_in_an_Aboriginal_man_from_north-western_New_South_Wales_Australia [Broken]

    Paediatric ceiling fan-induced head injury | Radiology Case ...
    Dec 26, 2015 - Child struck on the head by a ceiling fan. ... Depressed curvilinear skull vault fracture with an underlying linear ...

    Fan Decapitation | MythBusters | Discovery
    Apr 11, 2012 - The Mythbusters asked: Can you be decapitated by a ceiling fan? ... a standard household fan 52-inch (132-centimeter) wooden ... 600mm blade
    .26miles per hour (42 kilometers per hour). . concussion or a bloody nose, but the blades are too dull and slow to decapitate.
    The industrial fan —metal blades that whip around at 54miles per hour (87 kilometers per hour) — . The blades acted like rotating machetes, slicing straight through the neck, jugular and vertebrae."
    13 x10mm wide neck cervical vertebrae, 100mm flesh.
    Aboriginal skull Kaakutja . 110mm bone excision to about 20mm wide
    wooden fan trauma on child skull 100mm bone linear crack , 10mm crater

    'The atlantoaxial (C1–2) joint in pigs is similar to that in humans and could serve as a human substitute. The pig cervical spine is highly similar to the human cervical spine, ."
    Max arm-speed of baseball pitcher is about 100mph : 160 ft/sec.
    Vortex 56 Inch High Velocity Ceiling Fan - Stainless Steel
    Industrial fan . 700mm blade x 150mm. Area 1050 sq cm
    Indonesian keris sword , similar thickness 530mm x 50mm. Area 265 sq cm. = . 4 weight mass

    wooden fan 600mm blade x 150mm. Area 900 sq cm.
    boomerang hardwood blade 600mm x 50mm. Area 300 sq cm. thickness is about 10mm and weight similar to keris and to wooden fan-blade about 5mm thick.

    Janka hardness boomerang blade
    Gidgee 4270
    Mulga acacia 3820
    ( Hickory 1820 ).

    So in broad terms would you say a wooden blade or sword was used on the Aboriginal skull?
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    An iron boomerang will not work.
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    No you're thinking of iron boats which sank look at the Titanic.
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    Aluminium and lightweight carbon based structures (wood) work though,
    I love Carbon, but so does everybody.
    The perfect way to decapitate somebody would probably need a sword constructed from depleted Uraniam
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    Swedish svardet means "sword" , it became lightweight carbon but sank and stopped working. .
    "Svärdet was under the command of Claes Uggla, and fought in the Battle of Öland. Before the surrounding enemies could board Svärdet, a Dutch fireship accidentally set her ablaze. The fire eventually reached the gunpowder store, which set off an explosion that sank the ship. "
    Charcoal and iron sink. Uranium blades at mach6 are deadly.
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    I suppose that a lot of people got very annoyed about that,
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    Absolutely . I'm quite annoyed.
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