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Work done by the hammer in a single stroke?

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    Need some verification.

    I am trying to drive a 9 inch nail into a log with a 10kg hammer, raising it to a maximum height of 1m and then gain momentum as it is swung down.

    a. Energy of the hammer immediately prior to striking the nail:
    [tex]10kg\times10\frac{m}{s^2}\times1m = 100J.[/tex]

    b. If 20% of hammer's energy is dissipated during the collision, how much energy is delivered to the nail in a single stroke provided the hammer remains at rest after hitting the nail?

    [tex]80\%\times100J = 80J.[/tex]

    c. Work done by the hammer in a single stroke?

    Shouldn't this be the 100J also?

    d. How far into the log is the nail driven in a single stroke?

    Not sure about this one!

    Could someone please give me some hints on these. Thanks.
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    Did you state all the information you were given for this problem? It seems that some assumption is being made that I am not seeing, and since nobody else has replied I assume others are not seeing it either.
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