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Would getting a W look bad on transcript in this case.

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    I dropped one of my classes. It was a introduction to statistics. However I didn't know the dropped day was passed and now I got a W on my transcript. If I knew I would of gotten a W on my transcript I would of not dropped the course. I dropped the class not because it was to hard but because I didn't need to take this semester and it was taking to much time from my other classes. This semester I'm taking PDE, Quantum Mech II, Physical Chemistry and Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics. I took no exams in this class and the first homework isn't even due yet. I feel it's not a big deal and should be ignored by graduate schools. By dropping that class this semester I would be taking 17 credits rather then 19 credits.
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    You mean for applying to graduate schools? One or two W's are common and understandable, students don't often know whether a given workload is feasible until they try it. I got a fellowship at a grad school and I have three or four W's. In my SOP I made mention of the circumstances of each. "Fortunately" I had extenuating circumstances and health reasons to explain each of them, it wasn't a workload thing. But don't let my example set the standard, as I said there were extenuating circumstances beyond my control (I believe somebody at the school actually got in trouble over it) and health reasons.
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    People withdraw from classes for all kinds of reasons. A W on your transcript simply means you withdrew from the course - nothing more. It won't make any difference.
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