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Other Would I become a mathematician if I finished this textbook?

  1. Jan 9, 2017 #1
    would I become mathematician if I read and worked exercises of
    (Erwin Kreyszig)
    I have been studying mathematics at my own, I am now probing which direction to go.

    suggestion needed:
    Please tell me any graduate level pure math book so I can make my self miserable for few month to see where I stand.

    Thank you.
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  3. Jan 9, 2017 #2
    Well, that would be very admirable. But how would you know your answers are correct?

    University and grad school in particular has the misery you seek. Any chance of that?

    By working solo, one might consider oneself an amateur mathematician. That is simply a person who loves (but is perhaps not credentialed) the subject.

    -Dave K
  4. Jan 9, 2017 #3
    I don't know..

    So far my path has been like this:
    if I am doing asthmatic right I know number reasonably ok.
    if I am doing calculus that means my trig/limit and stuff is ok-ish
    if I am doing analytic functions that means my complex no. are ok-ish
    if I am doing ODEs that means my calculus is ok-ish
    if I am doing norm space etc that means my linear space is ok-ish

    I have not studied math after grad 10, I will see If I can work some thing.. GRE or some thing.. with long distance edu.

    Thanks for your reply!!
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