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A textbook is a book containing a comprehensive compilation of content in a branch of study with the intention of explaining it. Textbook are produced to meet the needs of educators, usually at educational institutions. Schoolbooks are textbooks and other books used in schools. Today, many textbooks are published in both print and digital formats.

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  1. A

    Good Book(s) to Refresh Physics I & II?

    I have a handful of eBooks, but trying to figure out what one(s) would be best to refresh myself on Physics I and II. I see Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday & Resnick in my collection, and from what I remember, it's one of the better ones, right? Also, assuming that's the case, it looks...
  2. S

    Classical Help with identifying the textbook

    Recently I stumbled upon this topic - https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/simple-harmonic-motion-total-energy.736484/ and want to find out what textbook is in the photo. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. heroslayer99

    Is my textbook wrong about absolute uncertainties?

    First off, I will set out what I think I know so that any misconceptions of mine can be put right. Definitions: Precision: a quality denoting the closeness of agreement between (consistency, low variability of) measured values obtained by repeated measurements Accuracy: A quality denoting the...
  4. TGV320

    Linear Algebra How hard is this Linear Algebra textbook?

    Hello, I am currently self studying Linear Algebra using MIT lectures and the textbook Introduction to Linear Algebra by professor Gilbert Strang. I'm at the 16th lecture on Projection Matrices and Least squares approximation. The lectures are very informative, but I struggle a lot with...
  5. M

    Simple inductance problem

    (a) ##\displaystyle\mathcal E=-L\frac{di}{dt}## = -0.260 x -0.0180 = 0.00468 V = 4.68 mV (b) Current always flows from higher potential to lower potential. So, b is at a higher potential. My textbook says that my answer for part (a) is correct but part (b) is wrong. Please help!
  6. M

    Good textbook(s) for self-studying Quantum Physics

    Could you please suggest a good textbook for self-studying quantum mechanics? Not something too advanced. I have a math degree, so I'm not averse to equations.
  7. TheePhysicsStudent

    Need help on some mechanics questions from a text book

    These are the questions I am failing to comprehend despite their very basic nature This is the wonderful support from the book explaining how to get the answer ! (It just gives you the answer no working out which is annoying) I
  8. J

    Quantum Quantum mechanics textbook for 2nd year student

    I desperately need a good resource for quantum mechanics. This semester, our lectures have been absolutely terrible. Though I managed to avoid this by studying hard, the lectures and notes were so critically inadequate that most students (not including me) used ChatGPT to complete any online...
  9. gleem

    I Wish to Give Away a Textbook Set on The Calculus

    I have a two volume set of Differential and Integral Calculus textbooks by a well-known mathematician, his second edition (1959 printing) the last of twenty printings. This set was recommended by one of my math professors. Although it was my intention to read them it was not to be. Below is a...
  10. S

    Looking for References on Single Phase Generators

    I am looking for a textbook or reference book that discusses single phase generators. All I can find are books that discuss three phase generators. Any suggestions?
  11. J

    Classical What Lagrangian mechanics textbook should I use?

    I am currently taking a course on introductory Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics in year 2 in the UK. I find the material easy but do not have access to a resource with a satisfying amount of problems. Despite being (in)directly told this resource is not useful at my level, I have Landau...
  12. MatinSAR

    Classical Classical Dynamics Book for Self-Study.

    Hello. Can someone guide me in choosing the right book? My choice was Marion's book, but I did not understand some topics well ...
  13. shivajikobardan

    I finished a 50 hr C++ course, what next?

    I am still not confident with C++ I don't think I should yet go to Data Structures and Algorithms yet because I am not very comfortable with C++. I want a book that covers problems that require Object Oriented Programming to solve problems. It should have lots of such exercises. Is there such a...
  14. Slimy0233

    Solid State Should I buy Kittel's Introduction to Solid State Physics?

    I want to know your opinion on whether I should buy Kittlel's Introduction to Solid State Physics or some other book to study Solid State Physics. I was going through the solutions manual for the book and I realized that it had only 72 questions in it. I was wondering if it was enough to get a...
  15. N

    Other Which Springer books to buy? (QM, GR and statistical mechanics)

    Hello, Springer books are on sale this week so I wanted to buy some textbooks to support my studies and (eventual) future career. I'm an undergrad (in europe) and my courses next year will be QM, GR and statistical mechanics, so I was looking for books about these topics, but any suggestion on...
  16. Theia

    Geometry Looking for a good book about trigonometry

    Hi all! I've never been studied the identities and such of secant, cosecant and cotangent. Yet I think, it would be useful to have them in my toolbox. Thus I'm asking, if anyone would know a reasonable book or other kind of material (paper or pdf) about trigonometry that has brief theory...
  17. J

    Number Theory Modular Forms: A Textbook for University Physics Students

    I'm studying physics at university, but there has always been one subject in pure maths which always interested me- that is modular forms. Is there an 'accessible' textbook on this topic? Can anyone recommend one? Is the GTM Springer 'A first course in modular forms' any good?
  18. M

    Algebra Algebra 2 textbook recommendations please

    I am currently learning some maths from “Precalculus by James Stewart”. I was wondering if that’s ok? Is it ok to just dive straight into it or go back and brush up my algebra 2 ? I was wondering what are some good textbooks on algebra 2 by the way? Thank you. (This is all for the love of physics).
  19. Muu9

    Quantum Trying to remember an unusual quantum textbook

    Not sure whether it was a quantum physics, quantum information, or quantum computing textbook It spent the first few chapters/sections developing some sort of model theory in a very elementary context, in which (multi)functions were represented as boxes and outputs/inputs were represented as...
  20. J

    Relativity Recommended general relativity textbook

    Hi, I am looking to study general relativity at my own steam (currently finishing 1st year physics at Warwick) during the summer. What textbook(s) would you recommend? I've heard good things about A. Zee's 'Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell'- is that worth it, and would it be suitable for someone...
  21. mcastillo356

    B Looking for context for a textbook quote

    Hi, PF, there goes the quote from Calculus 7th ed. by Robert A. Adams and Christopher Essex: "When adding finitely many numbers, the order in which they are added is unimportant; any order will give the same sum. If all the numbers have a common factor, then that factor can be removed from each...
  22. Muu9

    Intro Physics Physics textbook recommendation for young gifted child

    They've gone through calculus (Essential Calculus by Stewart) but haven't had a formal physics class yet (but a lot of pop-physics reading). I recommended Thinking Physics followed by Conceptual Physics by Hewitt, followed by a meaty calc-based book like Krane or YF, but I wonder if an easy...
  23. N

    Unclear differential equation from a thermodynamics textbook

    In the thermodynamics textbook there is written: 𝛿𝐴 = 𝑇𝑑𝑆 − 𝑑𝑈 = 𝑑(𝑇𝑆) − 𝑆𝑑𝑇 − 𝑑𝑈 = −𝑑(𝑈 − 𝑇𝑆) − 𝑆𝑑𝑇 = −𝑑𝐹 − 𝑆𝑑𝑇 How did we get the bolded area from TdS? Is that property of derivative, integral, or something else :/
  24. XcgsdV

    Other Is it worth doing EVERY problem in a textbook?

    I am a freshman Physics major currently working through Apostol's Calculus Volume 1 in my free time, somewhat to further develop my calculus knowledge, but mainly for fun. Apostol's text is proof-based, and as such has a number of problems that are just proofs. As a hopeful future Biophysicist...
  25. M

    Other Meteorology/Atmospheric Physics Textbook for Physics Undergrad Seniors

    Hi! I am looking for a (recent - about 2020 or sooner but anything is welcome) meteorology textbook that actually explains things in detail. I am specifically interested in tornadoes like everyone else, but I have a solid physics background and want to actually learn about them. Does anyone know...
  26. B

    A Why is Tau-AB^2 not t^2 + x^2?

    why is Tau-AB^2 equal to t^2 - x^2 ?It seems it should be t^2 + x^2 according to the geometry of the diagram...
  27. DTMsurf

    Nuclear Energy reading material

    Summary: I am looking for suggestions on an informative read surrounding nuclear energy I am a junior year physics student at UCSB looking to go to grad school for nuclear physics and eventually work with nuclear energy. My curriculum at UCSB does not offer any explicit classes surrounding...
  28. C

    Engineering Thin Film Interfaces Textbook Needed

    Summary: TL;DNR Looking for a recently published comprehensive textbook on thin film interfaces I am in the market for a comprehensive textbook on thin film interfaces that is available for a cheap price. I found Interfaces in Crystalline Materials by A.P. Sutton and R.W. Balluffi but the most...
  29. C

    Incorrect Textbook Answer involving kinematics?

    vf=0 km/hr vi = 100 km/hr x = 80,000 km vf2 = vi2+2ax 0 = 100^2 + 2a(80,000) 160,000a = -10000 a = -0.0625 km/hr^2 This is off by 1,000,000 times from the textbook answer. Am I missing something with units or something or is the book wrong?
  30. Ahmed1029

    Quantum Nolting quantum mechnaics textbook

    I'm curious what you guys think of the Nolting undergraduate physics series, particularly his 2 books on quantum mechanics? Are they sufficient? Are there any errors in them?
  31. murshid_islam

    What would be a good book for learning Linear Algebra by myself?

    Summary: What would be a good book for learning Linear Algebra by myself in my situation (which is explained in my post below)? I did an undergraduate Linear Algebra course about 18 years ago. The textbook we used was Howard Anton’s “Elementary Linear Algebra”. The problem is that I never...
  32. strangerep

    A Interactive Galactic Dynamics Textbook -- Bovy 2022

    Since no one seems to have mentioned this yet... For anyone interested in graduate-level study galactic dynamics, Jo Bovy (Assoc Prof in the Astrophysics Dept at U. Toronto) is in the process of constructing an interactive textbook on the subject, which you can check out at galaxiesbook.org...
  33. Orodruin

    Relativity Intermediate SR textbook

    I am reshaping my course on special relativity (master level intermediate relativity course, I am getting it back after having the GR course instead for a number of years) and I find myself wanting to include two things: - A more geometrical approach to Minkowski space. - Basic classical...
  34. C

    Quantum Discover the Best Lightweight QFT Introductions for Self-Study

    I was a denizen of this forum some 15 years ago during undergrad. However I since joined the dark side working in software on ML, AI, and distributed data processing. Every now and then I pick up a physics textbook to get into the weeds of a topic I would have missed due to skipping out on grad...
  35. TGV320

    Classical Looking for introductory level physics textbook

    Hello, I am currently preparing to learn the 8.01 course "Physics I" via the MIT OCW and I am trying to find an adequate textbook for that purpose. In the three courses that I have found, the first two use: Young, H. D., and R. A. Freedman. University Physics. which is quite expensive in my...
  36. T

    Solid Mechanics Textbook

    Summary: In need of a textbook on solid mechanics Hello, I was asked to teach a class in FE analysis (this is not the issue) for solid mechanics (and, specifically, plane stress and strain) The issue is that some students will be deficient in solid mechanics (long story, I will have the time...
  37. TGV320

    Calculus Textbooks for calculus learning

    Hi, I am going to be a 1st year college student in China this fall. I have a lot of interest for calculus and math in general, and I am wondering if the books I have in hand are good for self study. High school math here stopped the at the derivatives, didn't went further. The two books I...
  38. A

    Looking for an up-to-date cosmology textbook

    I know I should not study cosmology from books that are too dated. Can you recommend an up-to-date cosmology book? I am studying GR from Carroll's book. Do I need to study astrophysics first or other topics?
  39. T

    Engineering Aerodynamics textbook at the graduate physics level

    Hello, Can someone recommend me a good textbook to (self-)study aerodynamics, optimally with focus on aircrafts. I am a graduated student in physics and therefore familiar with all the basic concepts of fluiddynamics and calculus. But, apart from that, I have no further knowledge in the field...
  40. A

    Engineering Need Advice on Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Textbook

    I would like to buy a Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics for Engineer textbook. I have 2 options, they are: 1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0133521702/?tag=pfamazon01-20 2. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0132788128/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Can someone please tell me which one of above Fluid Mechanics textbook...
  41. bigmike94

    I Robert Adams textbook: Acceleration example

    I need a little guidance on how they got the last step to derive acceleration, I can follow up till there. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I find it hard to move on unless I have understood.
  42. M

    MacKay Textbook Example: Laplace Approximation

    Hi, I was attempting example 27.1 question from the book: 'Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms'. It is about the Laplace approximation. I was confused about part (b) of the question and wanted to check my method if possible. [EDIT]: The link to the book website (official) is...
  43. K

    Classical Looking for a physics textbook which shows how to develop theory

    I was wondering if there is any such textbook which shows how a real physicist actually goes about developing models and or theories to explain experimental observations. I want to see how it is done in practice. Is there such a book? At a level that an undergraduate can understand. It is great...
  44. W

    Solid State Textbook for Computational Solid-State Physics?

    I'm a graduate student and am interested in learning computational solid-state physics. Ideally, I'd like a textbook which covers solid-state physics and the time-dependent semiconductor Bloch equations from a computational perspective. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  45. A

    I My textbook is deriving wave speed on a string under tension

    My textbook is deriving wave speed on a string under tension with confusing thetas. It assumes ##\tan \theta_1 = \frac{-F_1}{F_T}## and ##\tan \theta_2 = \frac{F_2}{F_T}## which confuses me. I know for sure theta is the angle due to the position of y and x, ##\tan \theta = \frac{y}{x}##, but I...
  46. Amrator

    Other How Do You Guys Keep Up with New Textbook Releases?

    Like many of you, I love physics and math textbooks. I'm always on the look out for new textbooks that will aid in my understand of both subjects. But it's just not practical to scroll through Amazon all the time to find new textbooks. How do you guys go about it? For example, I really love the...
  47. D

    Engineering Overarching Intro Engineering Textbook

    Is there any sort of textbook that covers multiple engineering areas that is at an introductory level?
  48. D

    Ipad or classical textbook for notes?

    Hi, I want your opinion regarding modern notetaking technology. Is it better than using the classical pen & paper? As a physics student it would be an advantage to save my notes in the cloud.
  49. Jamestein Newton

    Particle Better Textbooks than Griffiths for Particle Physics 101

    Griffiths "introduction to elementary particles" serves a great introduction as a first course on particle physics for undergraduate students. But what are the possible alternatives of this textbook? Like being more beneficial in the long run, more time-consuming, for aspired students. But it...
  50. PhysTeacher88

    B Misleading Textbook Equation for vf^2=vi^2 + 2ad

    The textbook (Nelson 11) at my school lists the "big 5" equations for uniform acceleration. In all but one, they use vectors. For vf^2=vi^2 + 2ad, the opt not to use vectors. Is there a deep reason why we would not want to use the vectors? I understand that when you square the velocity, the...