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A textbook is a book containing a comprehensive compilation of content in a branch of study with the intention of explaining it. Textbook are produced to meet the needs of educators, usually at educational institutions. Schoolbooks are textbooks and other books used in schools. Today, many textbooks are published in both print and digital formats.

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  1. vibha_ganji

    Calculus Courant vs Apostol

    Hi! I was looking for a Calculus textbook to buy and was debating between Courant and Apostol. I was planning on reading Spivak parallel to one of these. My question is does Apostol cover more material than Courant does or are they practically the same. Sorry if this has already been asked, I...
  2. K

    Classical Best undergraduate electromagnetics textbook

    Hi I am looking for a textbook that covers most of the topics in a general undergraduate electromagnetics course. It would be great if the topics below are covered. I don't mind getting a few but would like to find a good explanation of these topics. thanks Gauge invariance Lorenz gauge Greens...
  3. E

    Other Textbook Recommendations for Thermodynamics

    Hello there, Can anybody recommend me a good thermodynamics textbook? I prefer the ones that have a deep or complete (if possible) discussion about the theoretical aspect of thermodynamics, and the mathematical aspect as well. Thank you
  4. jamalkoiyess

    How do you guys read a textbook?

    I am always trying to read textbooks (physics, in courses, or independently), and every time I end up in one of these situations: The book gets too technical for me to understand, or mentions something I do not know. The book goes on for too long and gets boring after the introductory chapters...
  5. K

    A Differential Forms or Tensors for Theoretical Physics Today

    There are a few different textbooks out there on differential geometry geared towards physics applications and also theoretical physics books which use a geometric approach. Yet they use different approaches sometimes. For example kip thrones book “modern classical physics” uses a tensor...
  6. J

    Calculus Textbook for differentials

    Hi, I am an undergrad looking to purchase a good textbook on differentials for my course which I will be taking soon, and the textbook listed for the differentials course is this one (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1118531779/?tag=pfamazon01-20) which apparently is not very good. So can...
  7. nsypgorz

    Quantum Alternative Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics book

    Hi everyone, was just wondering what people think is a good undergraduate QM book is as opposed to Griffiths. I've read through it, and I have looked and many people say it is good for people who've never been exposed to QM before, but when it comes to solving problems I struggle a lot, and...
  8. newguy220

    Other Best Flimsy Textbooks (paperback books)

    Hello all, I was wondering what are some good textbooks that are flimsy (not hard cover and printed on cheap paper so lightweight) that can be read on the train and the bus easily (the dimensions doesn't matter to me, all that is required is for it to be flimsy). I need such textbooks for...
  9. D

    Quantum Dirac's Quantum Mechanics

    Hello, I remembered once hearing of a must-have quantum mechanics book by Paul Dirac. I don't remember if it was his Principles of QM or Lectures on QM. Based on the table of contents, I believe it was the Principles of QM book; however, looking at both I was thinking about getting his Lectures...
  10. D

    Other Textbooks for tensors and group theory

    Hello, I am an undergraduate who has taken basic linear algebra and ODE. As for physics, I have taken an online edX quantum mechanics course. I am looking at studying some of the necessary math and physics needed for QFT and particle physics. It looks like I need tensors and group theory...
  11. Savian

    Intro Physics Recommendation of a textbook about Introduction to Physics

    Can someone recommend me a textbook about Introduction to Physics (college level)? I would thank a lot.
  12. W

    Other Using Michael Artin's "Algebra" for Group Theory

    Hi all, I have stumbled upon Artin's book "Algebra" and was wondering if I could use it to do some self-study on Group Theory. Some background: I am a physics undergraduate who has some competence in elementary logic, proofs and linear algebra. It seemed to me that ideas related to Group...
  13. YoungPhysicist

    A weird homework that requires everyone to answer

    Homework Statement If the following question is inappropriate,please tell me immediately,and I will delete it.[/B] I got a really weird math homework today:find out questions in math textbooks of other parts of the world look like,specifically,how many percent of: prove questions(questions...
  14. YoungPhysicist

    Quantum QCD textbook

    Is there a good introduction textbook or pdf for quantum chromodynamics?
  15. G

    Other List of Books to use for self-study before AP classes

    I plan on taking a multitude of AP classes next year. I would like some books that I should buy for good study.
  16. T dawg

    Studying Can self-studying be fulfilling and effective?

    I'm about to transfer from a community college over to a university this semester for physics. I've completed all lower division physics and math courses and of course, I missed the deadline to apply for vast majority of physics related internships I could get. Add to that the fact that there...
  17. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Ask the Advisors: What's Your Most Memorable Textbook? - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new PF Insights post Ask the Advisors: What's Your Most Memorable Textbook? Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  18. N

    Other How to catch up in physics again after years of being out?

    I just got a taught Master offer in Physics (part-time mode for 2 years) and I don't know what to do.... First of all, I have a BSc in Applied Physics which I graduated in 2011. I study Physics because it is interesting. I felt happy when I got to understand something new (about the universe)...
  19. Eric Espinoza

    Self Taught Student Seeks Professional Advice

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and I would like to briefly introduce myself and my situation. I'm 27 years old and a high school drop out, former drug addict, and three time college drop out. I have severe ADHD and insecurities which have made academia too difficult for me to pursue. I...
  20. M

    How to use AOPS books?

    Hi, I just acquired the art of problem solving prealgebra book. So I would like to ask, how does one use the AOPS books, are they meant to be supplementary to a full textbook? Or are they used for introducing new concepts that you would have leant in a textbook etc. I am hoping to use the AOPS...
  21. Orodruin

    Insights The Birth of a Textbook - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new PF Insights post The Birth of a Textbook Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  22. A

    Calculus Feynman's High School Calculus Book

    Hi everybody. I enjoy looking at other people's handwritten notebooks, as well as what textbooks they learned math and physics from. This evening I came across this article about how Feynman learned calculus in high school by studying Calculus for the Practical Man by Thompson. He kept very...
  23. M

    Intro Physics Textbook recommendations for calculus based physics course

    Hello! So I need some textbook recommendations for calculus based physics course. I have taken an algebra/ trigonometry physics course last semester, but now I'm taking a calculus based. I have a textbook which the professor told us will follow our course. The book is Fundamentals of Physics...
  24. W

    Quantum Solutions Manual: Bransden's QM 2nd ed?

    Hi all, does anyone know if Bransden's book has a solutions manual out there somewhere? I would loathe to go through the chapters before realising that I can't find solutions to its exercises. If not, are there QM texts out there with a similar scope to this book that do have solutions manuals...
  25. T

    Intro Physics Kleppner Mechanics: am I ready?

    I just finished my junior year in high school. In college, I hope to major in physics and was interested in the honors versions of freshman introductory physics. These all have the prerequisite of a calculus-based mechanics course and use Kleppner as their mechanics textbook. I have so far only...
  26. C

    Classical Physics book with explanations instead of definitions?

    Hello everyone, I am taking my third term of physics right now, and we are talking about flux at the moment. This terms is supposed to be a lot about E&M. Though I find that our textbook (Physics for scientists and engineers a strategic approach 4/e) is very textbooky. I was wondering if there...
  27. L

    Classical Good Optics Book?

    Hey does anyone have an Undergraduate Upper-Division level optics book they like? Maybe one that describes the concepts well? I am a graduating senior, last physics courses I'll take as an undergrad and our assigned book isn't well written. Appreciate any help, thanks!
  28. doktorwho

    Best Book to learn C

    Hear me out on this. I am an absolute beginner to C, i know some Python and i just finihed a month course on Pascal (school currciulum) and we're starting C by the end of February. Even though im a beginner im a fast learner and i want a book that is escalating moderatly or even fast. Also what...
  29. Z

    What is the best textbook for learning C++?

    I've taken a class in C++ and we used Bjarne Stroustrup's Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++. We only got to the point to where we were just starting to learn about pointers, so I still consider myself a beginner. C++ is my first programming language. I really like how Bjarne...
  30. H

    Solid State Upper division resources in CMT

    Hi everyone. I'll start my master's degree in physics next year. My plan is to continue my studies in theoretical condensed matter physics. So I've decided to increase my knowledge in this area. In my undergrad I took some courses like Intro. to QFT and Many-Body physics. Also I have studied...