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Would like to go into networking

  1. Dec 16, 2011 #1
    After my recent redundancy I have finally got the opportunity to go on to something else as a career, I’m a qualified carpenter by trade and want to leave that behind for something to fall back on, if I have to. I love computers as no doubt a lot of you do and want to use them for a job. I heard the saying don't mix hobbies and work or something along those lines! But I’d love a job that involves them. I’m looking at going to college/university to learn more about networking, local at the moment. Maintaining, upgrading the usual admin stuff.
    Is there any information any one can share, especially if they have chosen this as a career. I live in the UK so if you have links and they specifically focus on the UK way of college/Uni and the involvement in detail etc then that’ll be a bonus.
    I have read up for the local college and there isn’t a huge amount of detail on there, although I will arrange for a meeting with a careers adviser.

    Many thanks
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    A polite bump.
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    Hey MartinJH.

    Computing is a very diverse area. What kind of sub-area are you interesting in? Copmuter science? Computer/Electrical/Telecommunications Engineering? Business Systems?

    There is quite a lot of variety in this field and it would help us if you narrowed it down a little.
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