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Write-up for Summer Research Programme

  1. Jan 9, 2016 #1
    Hello everyone
    I need to do a write up for VSRP 2016. The summer research programme at TIFR,India.I am interested in Physics programme. I have never done a write up so I am not sure what to write.They mention that I should explain my interest areas but discourage strongly to write equations.They also discourage to do a write up on a specific topic.They say..

    In 400 words or less describe your interest in your most preferred research area *

    The write-up should particularly address questions such as:
    (1) Which area in this subject specially appeals to you?
    (2) Are there specific problems you would like to work on?
    (3) Can you suggest methods to deal with such problems?

    I do have some original ideas but one of my major ones was recently used by scientists to achieve the result I wanted.Should I mention that or what?And I am not sure they would want to read about half-theories and the similar things by undergraduates.
    Please help me.
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  3. Jan 9, 2016 #2
    If that's all you have then by all means include it in the write-up somehow. I doubt they're expecting fully fleshed out theories waiting to be tested.

    Take these questions and write out answers for yourself. Take whatever you write and expand or condense the information. I'm sure this will be the main things they're looking for when the read over it.
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