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Yo, is there an easy way to just buy matlab?

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    Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, but when I go to the mathworks site you have to go through a whole rigamarag to get it...

    You have to fill out all this stuff.....

    And why the hell aren't trials available for students?

    Anyway. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I got mine for free :smile: - I am in university.
    Never filled a single form.
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    Did your university provide it? Or did mathworks? I go to a university too.

    Did you get a copy for your pc? Or was it just on the computers at school?
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    University provide us for 15$ or 10$ maybe.

    And also, I can make remote desktop connection to the university computers which has matlab, .....

    Then there are always illegitimate ways to do anything
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    I love Maxima!
    never used octave because I managed to get matlab
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    Trying to stick to the norm. Thanks though :smile:

    Anyway. Anyone ever bought this program not through a school?
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    You'll be sorry when the rest of us redefine the norm :devil:
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    If you don't have access to Matlab through your school, then you do have to buy it. I also, at one point, tried to buy Matlab through an online download, and I must agree that it is quite a challenge.

    My suggestion would be to save some time and just get it from a computer store.
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    I bought it from the Mathworks site at the student price (and I did have to fill out a lot of info, such as the school, etc). Get the boxed set with the CD and the book. Matlab has a decent set of help menus, but the hard version is almost always the way to go.

    If your computer dies, will you still know where to find the codes to reinstall the download version you paid for?

    (For that matter, do I remember where the CD is? I use the books, but I'd have to search through a few CDs to find original CD. I guess as long as their all in one place, it will get reinstalled along with any other software I'd have to reinstall. I learned how to organize my desk in a geology class. If I can remember the era that I last used something, I can probably refind it.)
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    As if. I'm sorry to say, but when it comes to high-end software, open source will always be largely inferior to commercial.
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    Yeah, sure... :rofl:
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    Yeah. This is stupid. Nevermind. When you go to buy it you have to select each and every component separately. Like I know what each one is :rolleyes: And they're like $60 dollars per component.

    BobG: How much did you wind up paying for yours?!
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    Well, what packages do you need? Do you need to do symbolic math--then get the symbolic toolkit. Image processing? Signal analysis?
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