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I Zero energy universe means nothing exists at all times

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    If any positive energy always has a negative energy counterpart, then nothing ever exists. Am I missing something here?
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    In the zero energy scenario, the positive energy of matter is offset by the negative energy of gravity. It would not be logical to infer that neither matter or gravity exists on this basis. It has been suggested the zero energy universe concept is little more than an accounting trick to balance the energy budget of the universe. It makes more sense than positing the universe must include an equal mass of antimatter to balance the books. We have abundant evidence for gravity and zero evidence for large quantities of antimatter in the universe.
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    But antimatter does not have negative energy. It has positive energy just like ordinary matter.
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    Protons have positive electric charge, while electrons have negative electric charge. The total charge is always zero. Does this mean that neither protons nor electrons exist?
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