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Means, LLC, or Means is an American anti-capitalist, mass media worker cooperative based in Detroit, Michigan. Means was founded in 2019 by filmmakers Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes as the successor to their video production company, Means of Production. Means currently has two arms, their streaming service offering Means TV, and a video game publishing arm via Means Interactive.

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  1. V

    Cannot understand what ##(mod ~ \pi)## means in the given formula

    My understanding is that it probably means either ##+ \pi## or ## - \pi##, so that ##\pi## is either added to or subtracted from the first term, just like ##|x| = \pm x##.
  2. sinus

    I Grounded Means Zero Electric Potential: Exploring the Method of Images

    Can anyone explain to me why grounded means zero electric potential. I confuse what's the relation between infinite ground conducting plane and its electric potential (the method of images). I have a several question: 1. Why the conductor plane must be infinite, while in reality there's no...
  3. D

    B Greater momentum on impact means greater force?

    Sorry for this beginner's question, but...if F=ma, then force is all about acceleration. But if vehicle A moving at constant velocity V hits a wall, and vehicle B moving at constant velocity greater than V hits the wall, then B hits the wall with greater momentum than A and does greater damage...
  4. B

    MHB Sampling Distribution of the Sample Means from an Infinite Population

    1. Individual students’ scores on a national test have a normal distribution with a mean of 18.5 and a standard deviation of 7.8. At a Trade School, 84 students took the test. If the scores at this school have the same distribution as national scores, what is the mean, standard deviation and...
  5. Viper01

    How much bulge means a bad cap?

    How did you find PF?: Searching for how much bulge means a bad cap? Hi! I'm a new member. My Xbox One and 50" Plasma got busted from a lightning even with a 2 surge protectors to protect it. Both would not turn on anymore. Tv is rarely use and I still hoping I could fixed it before I bring it...
  6. T

    Can someone tell me what "Value" means in this formula please?

    Hello. I am reading through a solar farm paper and I am getting a bit confused at looking at this formula: When it says "Value", I am guessing it refers to the cost of electricity per kWh? If that is the case, I wonder how many kWh are 18.4p/kWh?
  7. karush

    MHB -gre.qu.10 quantity on 2 means

    posted a screenshot because I think the wording is awkward and I think it is easy to setup it up wrong so to begin with we have a and b being list of added numbers $\dfrac{a}{100}=23$ and $\dfrac{a+b}{150}=27$ so now what?
  8. ElectronicTeaCup

    Tan ##2 \theta=4 /(1-1)##. This means ##2 \theta=90^{\circ}## Why?

    One of my solutions had this in one part. Why is this the case?
  9. C

    A The Cosmological Principle means infinite Observable Universes

    I am posting to ask for any comments about a couple things. I will post a link to a thread on another forum about this. and would love to hear any and all thoughts about it. the thread begins asking about 2 things. the first one is about how fast we are moving. I,402,00 mph relative to the CMB...
  10. C

    MHB What does the following means?

    Dear Everybody, What does the following means: Two straight lines cannot have any two points of one coincide with two points of the other without the lines coinciding altogether? I think it means that line can't overlap with itself. Thanks, Cbarker1
  11. R

    B What is Absolute Time and Space?

    In physics, the concept of absolute time and absolute space are hypothetical concepts closely tied to the thought of Newton. Absolute, true and mathematical time of itself, and from its own nature flows equally without regard to anything external. There is another term duration measures...
  12. BillTre

    Lingusitics Love Means Different Things in Different Languages

    A recent study (Science mag news report) has shown that words for love are associated with different emotions in different languages and therefore vary in meaning somewhat. Comparing networks of related terms in different languages has revealed these differences. Love related groups of words are...
  13. A. Neumaier

    I Why randomness means incomplete understanding

    Summary: We lack a fundamental understanding of the measurement process in quantum mechanics. Actually ever programming language has such a function, and it is executed to everyone's satisfaction. Suppose we want to create a device that faithfully simulates some aspect of Nature. To do so...
  14. jambaugh

    What Thermodynamics and Entropy Means

    Continue reading...
  15. Renewable_energyguy

    Making electricity by means of my old bike

    going off the summary I want some feedback and any opinion that may improve this project, please and thank you.
  16. F

    I Convergence of 2 sample means with 95% confidence

    I tried to derive an equation for one sample mean to converge to another sample mean within a 95% confidence interval, but I know I am wrong. Can someone tell me what I did wrong, and what is the correct formula? Suppose: ##\hat{x_1},\hat{\sigma_1},N## are a sample mean, standard deviation...
  17. CDL

    Mean Frequency and Frequency Spread of a Laser Pulse

    Homework Statement Laser probes are being used to examine the states of atoms and molecules at high temporal resolution. A laser operating at a wavelength of 400 nm produces a 1 femtosecond pulse. Compute the mean frequency and frequency spread, ∆ν, of this laser pulse. Homework Equations c =...
  18. I

    B In the equation x = x₀ + vt, 'x₀' means what?

    In the equation x = x₀ + vt, 'x₀' means what?
  19. F

    What it means to be infinitely differentiable

    <Moderator's note: Moved from a homework forum.> 1. Homework Statement I am wondering if it is the same to say : Function f is infinitely many times continuously differentiable AND Function f is infinitely many times differentiable And if it is not the same, which one defines: C^infinity...
  20. L

    I Estimating a mean from games of ruin

    Imagine a gambler playing a casino game with fixed bet, fixed odds, no skill, and a starting bankroll, ##M_0##. She plays until she can no longer afford to bet and records only how many bets she was able to make, ##N_0##, until she could not afford to bet. Each day she goes back to the casino...
  21. L

    A Convergence of a subsequence of a sum of iid r.v.s

    ##X_i## is an independent and identically distributed random variable drawn from a non-negative discrete distribution with known mean ##0 < \mu < 1## and finite variance. No probability is assigned to ##\infty##. Now, given ##1<M##, a sequence ##\{X_i\}## for ##i\in1...n## is said to meet...
  22. A

    B What the equal sign means in physics

    For example F=ma means that the definition of force is m*a or the quantity of left side equals to the quantity of right side or both ? or kinetic energy..we know K=1/2mu^2 but is this the definition of kinetic energy or just the formula to calculate it ?
  23. F

    What potential difference actually means

    Does potential difference only indicate how much energy each coulomb have, or make current flow, or do both?
  24. T

    Probability of Difference in Means for Two Independent Paint Experiments

    Homework Statement Two independent experiments are being run in which two different types of paints are compared. Eighteen specimens are painted using type A and the drying time in hours is recorded on each. The same is done with type B. The population standard deviations are both known to be...
  25. V

    Could someone please tell me what this notation means?

    Homework Statement Erica goes swimming three out of the seven days of the week. How many possibilities are there for her swim schedule if she goes swimming on Monday or Tuesday or both? (Define M to be the set of schedules in which Erica goes swimming on Monday. Let T be the set of schedules in...
  26. A

    Determining what the y-intercept means in a force lab

    Homework Statement In lab, we put a glider on an airtrack and used a pulley to move the glider. The mass on the pulley was changed with each iteration. I have created a graph to find the mass of the glider, but I don't know what the y-intercept is supposed to mean. The graph I have is linear...
  27. F

    Reduction in the number of wheels means less drag?

    If the number of wheels on a vehicle are reduced from four to three or two (assuming problem of balance is taken care of), will it reduce the amount of energy spent on all resistance (such as friction/slippage at tyres, rolling resistance etc) faced by vehicle at the wheels. It is also assumed...
  28. sams

    I What does the j means in this notation?

    This section of Introduction to Electrodynamics by Griffiths, section 8.2.2 (page 363), is talking about the Maxwell's Stress Tensor. I do not quite understand what the j means on the left = sign (for either of the two representations) in the attached figure highlighted in yellow color. I have...
  29. Z

    Seeking means of maximizing energy use from LiIon battery

    Hello all. Thanks for taking up your time to read my post. I have a device that operates with 3.2 V MAX, and I wish to power it from a standard 3.7 Li-Ion battery. A fully charged battery=4.2V. I used a simple LM317AEMPX (datasheet )circuit to drop voltage to 3.2V and it worked perfectly. Now...
  30. P

    Small sample test for the difference between two means

    Homework Statement The article “Variance Reduction Techniques: Experimental Comparison and Analysis for Single Systems” (I.Sabuncuoglu,M. Fadiloglu, and S. Celik, IIE Transactions, 2008:538–551) describes a study of the effectiveness of the method of Latin Hypercube Sampling in reducing the...
  31. K

    What is the psychology behind obsessive behavior towards someone?

    last monday I was staring into space & i was staring at the trash can & i see the girl i liked looking at me while she was walking over to throw something in the trash can. Then later I was staring at the wall & when i look over she was Leaning her Head Against her Hand While looking at me &...
  32. garylau

    Is it possible that cat evolve into dog by some means?

    is it possible that cat evolve into dog by some technique?anyone can help me?thank you
  33. O

    Don't understand what the book means, a tensor thing....

    Homework Statement Right, so it's not really an assignment or anything, just confused of what a book says. the book is "mathematical methods for physicists." The screenshot is attached. The thing that I'm confused about is that it says "As before, aij is the cosine of the angle between x′i...
  34. zrek

    I What "language" means in Kolmogorov complexity?

    Please help me to understand the answer I found on mathoverflow. The question was: "Do all uncountable sets contain elements with infinite Kolmogorov complexity?" The reasoning is clear for me, but I'd like to understand every word of the answer, which is the following: "...given a language...
  35. H

    Does anyone know what this picture on an AP Physics t-shirt means?

    I found this picture on an AP Physics t-shirt years ago and always wanted to know what it meant. Thanks. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=928629337173584&id=100000795784980&set=a.159337417436117.23735.100000795784980&source=48
  36. R

    Exploring Damping Mechanisms in Musical Instruments: The Case of Grand Pianos

    Homework Statement Looking for some feedback on my answer. Explain what is meant by damping. Choose a specific technology that requires a damping mechanism and describe how the damping takes place. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] Damping is when energy leaves a system that...
  37. K

    I Gravitational waves as means for communication

    Hi all, this is my first post so before my question I want to show my appreciation to this community for offering a great framework to talk physics between experts and others who chose different life career paths, such as me. I have always loved physics but the math... not that much. English is...
  38. It's me

    How does ∇ × J = 0 relate to B = 0 in Maxwell's equations?

    Homework Statement Prove that a current density J(r, t) such that ∇ × J = 0 implies the magnetic field B = 0.Homework Equations Maxwell's equations, vector calculus The Attempt at a Solution I've played around with Maxwell's equations and with the properties of vector calculus but I can't...
  39. Sam19KY

    Increase of Amps form 1 to 2 means what?

    Does that mean that the electrons are moving faster or what ?
  40. Y

    Higher derivative means function is higher?

    Hi, Is there a theorem that says that if f(n) = g(n) and f'(x) >= g'(x) for each x > n, then it means that for each x>n f(x) >= g(x)? or is there a theorem that required more properties of g and f that implies so? Thanks!
  41. Aerodfocker

    What does mg(theta) means in the equation of motion?

    In the case of inverted pendulum attached in a cart with external force U on it, the equation of motion is like U - mg(theta1) - mg(theta2) = m*dv/dt I don't really understand the mg*theta part what does it mean ...should not be sine or cosine fn there with theta ? can anyone give me some...
  42. Jkyou

    2 trucks pulling a third truck by the means of a pulley

    Homework Statement Two trucks tow a third one by means of inextensible ropes and a pulley attached to them (fig. 1). The accelerations of the two trucks are a1 and a2. What is the acceleration of the third truck that is being towed? (fig.1) is in this link (I'm sorry, I don't know how to post...
  43. F

    Viewing a webpage means downloading it?

    Hello Forum, everytime our browser requests a webpage from a web server to view, the server sends the requested page back to the browser. Does that mean that the page is being downloaded by the browser? I don't think so. We can in fact "save" a webpage and I believe that is when we would be...
  44. sciencejournalist00

    A Quantum entanglement by the means of beam splitters

    I saw many of you saying in their posts that non-linear crystals like barium borate are the only means of producing entangled photons. And because they are expensive, only some of you can afford them. But I browsed the international science magazines and found this...
  45. T

    Small sample test concerning 2 means with different variances

    Homework Statement The deterioration of many municipal pipeline networks across the county is a growing concern. An article stated that the fusion process increased the average tensile strength. Data on tensile strength (psi) of linen specimens when a certain fusion process was used and when...
  46. T

    Test comparing the means of 2 water samples

    Homework Statement In June 2010, chemical analyses were made of 85 water samples (each of unit volume) taken from various parts of a city lake, and the measurements of chlorine content were recorded. During the next two winters, the use of road salt was substantially reduced in the catchment...
  47. T

    Test concerning difference of two means

    Homework Statement The following are the number of sales which a sample of nine salespeople of industrial chemicals in California and a sample of six salespeople of industrial chemicals in Oregon made over a certain fixed period of time. California: 59, 68, 44, 71, 63, 46, 69, 54, 48 Oregon...
  48. G

    I Zero energy universe means nothing exists at all times

    If any positive energy always has a negative energy counterpart, then nothing ever exists. Am I missing something here?
  49. kostoglotov

    Looking for insight into what the Determinant means....

    In HS they just taught you the formula for it (the cofactor method) and a few other things, such as det(A) = 0 means A is singular. I finally reached Ch 5 of MIT OCW Intro to Linear Algebra, and I was really hoping that seeing how determinants are derived from first principles would give me...
  50. UseAsDirected

    Why can't I show Newton's Third Law by different means?

    Homework Statement A small mass (1 kg) sits next to a larger mass (3 kg) on a table. A force of 5 Newtons pushes from left to right on the system while a force of 3 Newtons pushes from right to left on the system. Am I justified to conclude that the net force on the larger block has magnitude...