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Feb10-08, 04:18 PM
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that is certainly one of the possibilities being actively worked on. It makes a lot of sense once you have a quantized cosmology model. but these ideas are not yet tested. one has to find things that the bounce models predict that we can look for and either observe or not. that's also something people are working on and write papers about: how to test

strictly speaking all it would mean is that time didn't begin at the start of expansion ("big bang") but goes back further.

sure it could go back indefinitely. that's possible. but that is not the issue right now. right now the aim is to understand conditions better at the start of expansion.

if you want to read some research articles. let me know. I'm busy today and don't have enough time to paraphrase for you what you could read directly from an article by Abhay Ashtekar
Thank You for your reply! I am certainly interested in reading some articles regarding basic cosmology, if possible, I would also like to read articles regarding planetary movements( angular momentum) and other few basic astronomy books. Sorry if I am asking for lots of stuff!

Thanks a bunch!