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Feb26-11, 08:16 AM
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I'm in my 1st year of my EE program and I have found out that I'm not that good of a programmer. I'm learning assembly language right now and have learned java, however, doing these programming assignments are very hard for me. So I was wondering how essential it is for electrical engineers to be good programmers? I know it probably depends on the field, so I'm mainly interested in power and energy engineering. Thanks.
If you are a good engineer, you can do programming adequately if the need arises. I've met a great number of people who claimed they were not good programers, and went on to become quite good at it.

As for the need, it depends on what you do, as you say. There are many areas where the need for programming is no longer there because more sophisticated tools are available now. With your example of power/energy, programming in Matlab is important, however now much work is done with Simulink which is a block level simulation tool. Hence you might get by without too much programming, but you would at least need to be able to do it.

programming is a powerful tool and I recommend you develop proficiency with at least one programming language. From there you can always transfer the skill to another language. In your case Matlab may be a good choice. And, it might be good to know C too as it is still used extensively for programming microcontroller systems.