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the dr.
Apr10-11, 08:59 PM
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well here is an update, we have had 2 races and have had to start in the back on both of them we have an 10th and a 8th, this weekend driver finally learned how to get the car in the corner but i have a question.... on the rear shocks we use the rubber rings to show travel. our right side,we are getting 4 or 4 1/2" of travel, on left side its only 2 1/2 " of I am wondering should I make an adjustment to even it out some and if so what should I change? the car was really good last night and we had an awesome run but I see more in the car and I dont want to chase the car all year I would like to get ahold of it now... our rules say that the 3rd link has to be a solid par no spring loaded or buscuit bars, well we have been racing against a lot of cars that have been running them, this week they announced it was going to be policed strictly this next week so we are already 2 races ahead of some of these guys.... it did seem kind of twitchy coming off the corner a couple times but I think that may of been driver error... so I really want to thank you for your help and I hope to be posting a victory lane pic here soon....
the dr.