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Sep29-04, 08:29 PM
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Keep in mind that the BMI is not a very good measure weight for many people. Those that are big framed (male or female) and those that are muscular cannot go by the BMI.

When I topped 220 at 5'11'' before my last competition, the BMI classified me as obese, even though I have a very average frame and build -- just the muscle mass alone skewed my results pretty bad. I was only around 12-14% BF at the time.

The best judge of your body is yourself, assuming that you can honestly evaluate yourself (although many people cannot). Go by some of the health basics: do you eat out a lot? Do you eat junk food often? Can you run the mile in under 9 minutes? Do you exercise somewhat frequently? Can you use the stairs to get to the fourth floor without sucking wind?

A person can carry a decent amount of body fat and still be healthy. Conversely, a overly muscular bodybuilder with 5% BF can be horribly unhealthy. Take a look at what you're genetically capable of looking like while remaining healthy. Remember, fat is not your enemy. Excess carbohydrates are.

Fat loss agents: in the US, the only real fat loss chemical (thermogenic) to work is the ECA stack -- a synergistic combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. However, all the drugs in the world will do no good AT ALL without the most important basics: exercise, diet, and proper sleep.