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May16-11, 04:04 PM
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Anything outside of our observable universe can certainly be quantified. Just wait a while, and it will be inside our observable universe.

We can measure the universe's spatial curvature, so why assume it?
Well objects that come inside our OU will eventually be outside our OU once their recession >C. So while our OU may be growing now, at some point our OU will begin to shrink. as galaxies at the edge of our OU begin to recede >C.

Also while we can measure spatial curvature the degree of error still lends to pos,neg or flat curvature.

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How can anything outside the observable universe ever be quantified? I strongly disagree. Perhaps the source of our disagreement resides in the definition of what constitutes 'observable'.
Do cosmo models not dictate an isotropic and homogenous U with only local variance - which does specifically quantify the unobservable by measuring the unobservable affect on the OU? So effectively although cosmo models are saying 'its just more of the same' then they can still safely make this quantifying assumption?