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George Jones
May17-11, 01:52 PM
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Anything outside of our observable universe can certainly be quantified. Just wait a while, and it will be inside our observable universe.
If dark energy really is like a cosmological constant, then this isn't true for ours universe.
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Well objects that come inside our OU will eventually be outside our OU once their recession >C. So while our OU may be growing now, at some point our OU will begin to shrink. as galaxies at the edge of our OU begin to recede >C.
I think that you confused the Hubble (sphere) radius with the cosmological event horizon.
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For a flat universe that exponentially expands for all time, the Hubble radius is the cosmological event horizon, but (as in all universes) we never see anything cross the horizon, so we never see anything on the Hubble sphere.

In our universe, the Hubble sphere and the cosmological event horizon don't correspond, even in the distant future. If we can see galaxy A now, it will never disappear. At some future time, A will be "receding" with a speed greater than the speed of light, but, even after this time, we will see A with (exponentially) increasing redshift, and with increasing faintness. In principle, we will never lose sight of A. In fact, some stuff that we see now (for example, the CMB from the (near) the surface of last scattering) was outside the Hubble sphere when the light we now see started its journey.