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Jun6-11, 01:22 PM
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I been thinking about this a lot...i still come back to roll understeer since it sounds like it is pushing all the time..entering mid and exit the turn. it takes a lot of work but i think you should measure the wheel base as the suspension goes through compression and retraction to see if the rear end is cocking toward inside of the track in the turn.
I been involved in getting many many used races from racers who wanted out of the game..besides the safety consideration,,,checking quality of the welds, wiring, fuel cell and plumbing...we always stripped down the , took out the springs and mapped the suspension travel in bump and rebound..checked the bump steer front and rear and checked ackermann when we were rebuilding the have to do this in event you have a real bad crash and have to replace parts..thats why i love the software program for performance trends..shows the linkage action and roll center changes dynamically...
ifin you don't do this your just putting a bandaid on the situation

When I can get the car away from its owner and spend some 'alone' time with it all of what you have mentioned about mapping will get done. I'm fighting the usual battle of my slow engineering troubleshooting approach versus the 'hot' fix of the week from the 'rail birds'. I'm sure everyone on here knows the syndrome.