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the dr.
Sep25-11, 03:27 PM
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I want to apoligize for my absence the past few months, BUT... first I want to thank Ranger Mike and all the others who offered help and advice to us, last night at North Georgia speedway, MMG Racing with driver Glenn Grimsley took the 2011 points title! I could not of done with out the help and guidance of this site, and the advice of Ranger Mike. I have taken a car that was pretty fast and turned it into a freakin rocket ship..... we have blistered them all year. got our first win all the while racing against cars with cheated up motors.... while we are to the book, just proves you ain't got to cheat to win!!! thanks guys!!

the dr.
crew chief of the MMG Racing car 64
2011 Econo hobby track champion
North georgia speedway!