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Dec12-11, 09:11 AM
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here is the suspension rules:
A. Springs are open.
Suspension/Shock Absorber Specifications
B. The steering wheel must be mechanically coupled to the front wheels and activate only those wheels (no “steer by wire” or “four-wheel steering”). Power assist is allowed and may be driven off the differential.
C. A collapsible steering column, either by layout design or column construction, is required.
D. Front lower control arms must be made of steel. Upper control arms, strut arms and upper pivot shafts may be aluminum.
E. Spindles must be steel and designed for racing applications.
F. Independent front suspension with articulated upper and lower control arms is mandatory.
G. Major steering components including steering arms, tie rods, idlers, etc., must be fabricated from approved ferrous or non-ferrous alloys. All heim joints must be of aircraft quality.
H. Sway (anti-roll) bars must be made of steel. Heim joints are allowed to be attached to the lower control arm(s) and/or rear end. Driver adjustable sway bars are not allowed.
I. The longitudinal linking system for the rear of the chassis may not exceed four locations and may not include a “torque tube” of any design. Spring-loaded and/or cushioned (torque absorbing) links are permitted.
J. Either a panhard bar or Watts link may be used to locate the rear axle laterally.
K. Independent rear suspensions are not allowed.
L. As long as it has no remote reservoir, any single-adjustable shock absorber may be used with no weight penalty. If even one shock absorber is multi-adjustable or has a remote canister, a fifty (50) pound weight penalty is assessed.