Thread: QFT vs QM 101
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Feb5-12, 04:36 PM
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mysearch, in M.Y. Han book. It is mentioned that the gauge symmetry craze in the 1970s have physicists hooked on QFT because of the electromagnetism U(1) which clued them to electroweak U(1)xSU(2) and strong force is SU(3), this third phase is called the (Lagrangian) gauge field theory. This is what made them forgive QFT having non-interacting fields.. because they think gauge theory can somehow save the day. But I wonder if gauge theory can also be hold on without the path of QFT exactly (does anyone know the answer?). The M.Y. Han book can give you a bird eye view of QFT. If you have other interesting QFT book recommendation which you have read or encountered, let me know. Thanks.