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Mike H
Feb17-12, 05:51 PM
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I am explaining this in this forum every couple of months.
The reason is that chemistry teachers apparently worldwide aren't obligated to take some classes in theoretical chemistry during their formation.
That there are apparently undergraduate chemistry programs (at least here in the US) which don't require a full year of physical chemistry for chemistry majors is not helping things. There is the occasional J. Chem. Ed. article urging the tossing of hybrid orbitals every so often, but it seems to be a no-go on the wider front.

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Chemical bonding was taught to us just a few months back, and if the things they are teaching us is not correct,without stating so, its a shame.
Many chemists tend to be visual thinkers, in my anecdotal experiences. We love pictures. Many, though, get too attached to said pictures since they're simple and seem to "work" well in day-to-day issues.