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Mar8-12, 09:43 PM
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Sorry if this is the wrong section, it wouldn't let me post in the Science Learning Material area.

Basically I started self-studying Mary L Boas book Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences. I've seen a lot of great things about the book and I know it's very popular in Mathematical Methods classes.

I was wondering if someone know a good University website that I could use as a complement with the book. I found this page on the University of California website, it has quite a lot of extra handouts in pdf format to cover some of the things Boas doesn't cover properly.

There's also the link to the other 2 courses in the serie (mathematical methods 2 and 3) that are also accessible to the public. Is there any other similar pages from a different University that I could use as a reference? What I don't like about the UoCalifornia website is that the links to the problem sets, solutions and practice exams are locked.

Thanks in advance and sorry again for posting in the wrong section. Hopefully someone can move my post!
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