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Nov9-12, 01:35 PM
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Extreme depression-how to deal with in the interim period

My sleeping habits are irregular, but they have been since I was a little boy. I can work all night long if I'm focused on something(which can be anything from Bangladesh to DNA computing), but when I'm depressed, I can sleep for ten hours a day... That's another reason I'm trying to control the "impulse" of depression. It interferes with my work-I couldn't study for the exam I had today properly because yesterday I was depressed about how my Waves exam went... the problem seems to be a "snowball effect" here.

I make an effort to walk and run whenever I can, but I haven't been going to the gym much. I walk miles a lot of days, so I didn't think it mattered that much. Ever since my bike was stolen... that was my main source of exercise. :( But, I'm hoping that once I get enough money, I can buy a new one and start that up again.

Neither of these things are anything new with me though, so....

I'm a little leery about medication, because I don't want a chemical controlling me, but my parents said we will discuss that too. I was on it in my senior year of high school and first semester at college(albeit irregularly then), with mixed results... is it for the best?

I've found a new hobby if that helps. I'll be helping a graduate student with her English(in exchange for her teaching me a little Mandarin). It will involve some socializing, assuming it works out, which it might not. And I've made plans to meet with professors/TA's. I don't know if I can get A's the courses anymore, but I'm going to at least try my best to finish it out(I've already discussed it with them, and they say it's not because I don't get the material-they actually say that I get the physics faster than most do-or I lack work ethic. I'm still struggling with the details-I made the most irritating exam mistakes that you could imagine yesterday, including one where I had the right answer from deriving it, but I didn't trust my own judgement enough. I made a complaint about that here last summer.) A couple years ago, I blamed everybody except me for my predicaments, and I'm making an effort not to do that anymore.