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Nov10-12, 03:14 PM
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In the time it has taken me to register Zooby has pretty much said all I wanted to add. Ibelk, I too thank you for good advice. It does seem to me an outline of CT. I appreciate a cautious nature in approaching any drugs, and must note that many I've seen saying how helped they are by the drugs do not see themselves from the outside where they appear just not to care anymore. I would submit that in some this lack of caring goes too far, thus the thoughts of suicide cautioned about in the med info. I would also like to submit that all depression in the end is neurological. It may self right or be long term, but it touches the roots of our being. While drugs can be found that suit an individual, it is wrong to ignore that in tests placebos often help as much, and exercise more. In the interim, the root question here, we do have some choices we can make. Ibelk outlines them. The fact that many have come to the same conclusions underlines that we can influence our bodies through the behaviours we choose. There may be an interim to that too. And that interim may need drugs. There definitely is a time to care less.
The article on math vs memory on this site is not quite a tangent. There is an inverse relationship in brain activity regarding them. For me, I cannot often go to sleep, even with drugs, without quieting my mind by doing some kind of nonverbal activity, ie sudoku or tanagrams. - a matter of focus.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts on the Intelwanderer's plight on another who shares it.