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Nov10-12, 04:49 PM
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First off, there's no neurological condition called "depression". It's a psychiatric disorder, specifically, an affective disorder. It's not accurate to speak of "neurological depression". A neurologist would send you to a psychiatrist if your only symptom were depression. The OP has that plus some other psychiatric ("mental") dx, so none of this is neurological.
You have no way of knowing if his depression is not related to neurological problems.
Depression in neurological disorders: an update.

SUMMARY: Depression is common in neurology.

He did say he had another diagnosis. I didn't say there was a neurological condition called "depression". You should be more careful when you read and when you reply, and perhaps try not to get so flustered over terms.

Perhaps it would be better to refer to it as "biological", that would cover clinical depression and a wider range of disorders.

Biological factors: You may have heard about chemical imbalances in the brain that occur in depression, suggesting that depression is a medical illness. Depression does seem to have a biological component. Research suggests that depression may be linked to changes in the functioning of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters.