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Nov10-12, 05:53 PM
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You have no way of knowing if his depression is not related to neurological problems.

He did say he had another diagnosis.
He specifically said he had another "mental" diagnosis. Therefore there's no reason to start speculating about a neurological cause.

My own depression could very likely be neurological because the co-morbidity of psychiatric depression with seizures is extremely high, around 50%. Regardless, Cognitive Therapy turned out to be an extremely effective way for me to manage it.
I didn't say there was a neurological condition called "depression". You should be more careful when you read and when you reply.
Believe me, I read what you wrote carefully:

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If you don't have a neurological problem, then medicine won't help, so you can try therapy.
This clearly associates all non-situational depression with a neurological problem. In fact, though, the bulk of people being prescribed meds by psychiatrists for depression are not considered to have a neurological problem.

The effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy is independent of the cause of the depression. That's one of it's distinguishing features: it targets the here and now manifestations, not the causes.