What's enhancer fusion?

by hivesaeed4
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Nov12-12, 11:37 PM
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Also how is it different (if at all) from promoter fusion?
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Nov13-12, 01:31 AM
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Fusion just means you make a single DNA sequence by joining 2 or more other sequences. If one of the sequences is an enhancer, then the resulting joined sequence is an enhancer fusion. If one of the sequences is a promoter, then the resulting joined sequence is a promoter-fusion. You can, of course, get promoter-enhancer fusions, eg. "The process was analysed in transgenic flies carrying beta 1 enhancer-hsp70 promoter-lacZ fusion constructs."

There isn't a strict distinction between promoters and enhancers.
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Nov13-12, 08:38 AM
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Thanks a bunch.

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