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Transferring Pictures to your Memory Card

by Spark
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May5-06, 01:00 PM
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Few days ago one of my friends asked me if it was possible to transfer pictures to the memory card. The answer is yes, I am sure many of you are already know about this. But those of you who donít please allow me to briefly explain how this is possible.

Using Picasa it is possible to export images to your memory card:

Just do the following if you have Picasa:

"1. Insert your memory card into your card reader, and make sure the card reader is connected to your computer.
2. In Picasa, select the pictures you wish to Export.
3. Click Export.
4. Click Browse.
5. Click the + next to My Computer.
6. If your memory card and reader appear as a removable drive under my computer, select it and click OK.
7. Set your sizing and image quality options, then click OK.

If this works, you should have successfully exported your pictures to your memory card."

and if you donít have Picasa, you can downloaded for free on Picasa's website

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