Impact Stress on Bracket

by 1988ajk
Tags: bracket, impact, stress
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Feb14-11, 04:55 PM
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Hi all,

I am trying to calculate a value for stress in a right angled bracket. this would be simple for me if the load was a static load, it would cause the bracket to bend around a point etc so i can get moments to find its bending stress.

however this bracket will be stopping a moving cart, to act as a mechanical stop.

The cart travels towards the bracket, it has a mass and an acceleration. on impact, how can the stress in the bracket be derived.

on first thoughts, i would try Castigliano's method for strain energy. Am i right in thinking this?

any pointers on what methods to look into would be great.
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Feb14-11, 05:12 PM
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Here is a simple approach laid out.

go well

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