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Clarification of notation

by AxiomOfChoice
Tags: clarification, notation
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Oct22-11, 05:38 PM
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I'm trying to decipher exactly what it means to say the following things:

(1) The ground electronic state of NO[itex]_2[/itex] is [itex]^{2}A_1[/itex];

(2) The ground electronic state of ClO[itex]_2[/itex] is [itex]^{2}B_1[/itex];

(3) The ground electronic state of O[itex]_2[/itex] is [itex]^{3}\Sigma^{-}_g[/itex].

I really don't have a clue what these symbols are supposed to mean. Can someone please help?
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Oct23-11, 02:36 AM
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Have you checked

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