curriculum structure of chemical/material engineering

by Angeline Ling
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Angeline Ling
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Feb27-12, 04:27 AM
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i'm considering whether to take chemical engineering or material engineering to major. anyone can help to explain the topics and scope of both of these engineering?
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Feb27-12, 11:16 AM
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I would think your undergraduate handbook (or equivalent) would give course titles and descriptions, which would give you an idea of what you'd be studying in each major.

In my experience, chemical engineers tend to focus on process variables (heat and mass transfer, energy balance, etc.). They design reactors and processes for optimized efficiency and performance. Material engineers study properties of materials and how to improve them (and sometimes new methods to make them). There will be overlap between the two disciplines, particularly in thermodynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions.
Angeline Ling
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Apr16-12, 06:47 PM
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what are the prospects of chemical engineering? improve technology in producing products from chemical or biological raw materials?

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